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On our food and beverage-themed tours of Washington, DC, we focus on the small, local (and usually hole-in-the-wall) spots that you never would’ve noticed on your own.

Our local guides introduce you to shop owners, bakers, brewers, and more as we show you the places where we like to hang out in our home city.

Whether you’re a foodie, a craft beer fan, a history buff, or just really love hanging out in DC, we’ve got a tour for you. Join us today!

Walking Tour

DC Step on Guide Service

Explore the essence of Washington DC with our Step-On tour, where every step through historic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods reveals America's compelling narratives.
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Walking Tour

War Memorials Walking Tour

Join us as we walk some of the most iconic monuments erected in the U.S. capital! Get an up-close look at the memorials’ more subtle and fascinating architectural features with a knowledgeable, local guide.
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Walking Tour

Highlights of Capitol Hill Walking Tour

Let us create your total DC Capitol Hill Experience! This private tour with WeVenture DC is always a completely custom itinerary, created just for you and your group!
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Driving Tour

DC Private Cart Tour

Take in the beautiful views of DC in our electric carts! You’ll be whisked away along the National Mall!
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Community Impact

Our WeVenture tours support local businesses by showcasing the neighborhood’s unique shops, restaurants, and cafes which help to boost the local economy and generate employment opportunities for community members.

Our guides strengthen the local community by highlighting the importance of community engagement, civic participation, and social responsibility. Our guides will share community-led initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and cultural events that foster a sense of belonging and pride.

WeVenture tours in Capitol Hill promote sustainability by highlighting the neighborhood’s green spaces, such as parks and gardens, which serve as important resources for the community.

Visitors can learn about the contributions of different groups to the neighborhood’s history, from African American leaders to immigrant populations. Our tours highlight local community organizations and advocacy groups that promote diversity and social justice.

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