New Orleans Haunted Legends and Scandals- Small Group Tour

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New Orleans Haunted Tour Details

Historic tales and ghost tours cast New Orleans as a sinister and mysterious city, and while not entirely untrue, miss the true intrigue and context behind accounts of voodoo, murder, and the macabre. Come discover that the truth is often stranger and more fascinating with a local guide who will bring New Orleans Haunted legends to life on this walking tour of the French Quarter!


Your New Orleans walking tour takes place entirely in this district, also known as the Vieux Carre. Your tour guide will provide some background on the rich heritage of the city, including Spanish influence during a time when pirates prowled the Quarter’s cobblestone alleyways.


We’ll walk down the narrow passage known today as Pirate’s Alley and explore stories behind notable buildings including the Cabildo, formerly a prison site, and surrounding structures that will give us a glimpse into the slave trade.


The days of slavery and Victorian decadence are highlighted in many of the other famous balcony-wrapped buildings here, some mansions more notorious than others. Learn about the ghastly history of these sites and the complicated and controversial issues leading up to and during the Civil War.


While we’re exploring the complex characters throughout the city’s history on our haunted New Orleans tour, we may get to pass by the home of Marie Laveau. Here, you’ll get a closer look at the practitioners of voodoo and get to know how this West African religion came to the Crescent City. And of course you’ll want all the dirt on New Orleans’ famous above-ground cemeteries and how they came to be.


As we uncover the mysteries, the myths, and the magic of the city of New Orleans, your tour guide can take you past St. Louis Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals still in use in the whole of America, and Jackson Square, both overlooking the Mississippi River. With this spirited tour, you’ll really get a feel for the culture and vibe of this legendary part of New Orleans!

  • Discover the true stories behind New Orleans’ most legendary sites
  • Hear tales of voodoo and the people who practised the religion
  • Explore the heritage of the famous French Quarter with a local tour guide
  • Soak in the history and mystery as you walk down charming Pirate’s Alley
  • See famous historical landmarks like St. Louis Cathedral and The Cabildo

Price Includes

Price Excludes

  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Donation to CrescentCare Behavioral Health Services
  • Souvenirs
  • Guide gratuity
  • Additional food & drink


Jackson Square

Your private tour starts in Jackson Square, fringed by some of the most famous and recognizable landmarks of New Orleans, including St. Louis Cathedral, The Cabildo, The Presbytere, and Washington Artillery Park. Your New Orleans tour guide will fill you in on the rich history of the city and how each site holds the history of its notorious past.


Formerly home to the Spanish municipal government before the Louisiana Purchase, this neighbor to St. Louis Cathedral can be seen from the tour’s starting point in Jackson Square. Your New Orleans tour guide will tell you the history of this site, formerly a prison during Spanish rule.

St. Louis Cathedral

One of the most iconic sights in New Orleans, this beautiful cathedral has stood here solemnly since 1794 and holds the history of crusading Catholics, past popes interred within, and one infamous bombing.

The Presbytere

A neighbor to the iconic St. Louis Cathedral, this is one of the nation’s best examples of formal colonial Spanish architecture. We’ll see this beautiful building from the tour’s starting point in Jackson Square, before heading into the French Quarter to visit more top New Orleans attractions!

The French Quarter

Historically a place of diversity with products and people from all walks of life, New Orleans’ French Quarter has been home to many colorful personalities, some more notorious than others…

Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo

On our stroll down the streets of the French Quarter, you may spot this popular shop specializing in all-things voodoo, from dolls and talismans to on-site psychic reading services. Whether we’re passing by this or one of the other voodoo-centric shops, your tour guide will fill you in on the history and origins of this often misunderstood religion.

Madame John’s Legacy

This historic site may be along the route of our New Orleans tour and remains one of the oldest houses found in the French Quarter. This house has plenty of fascinating history, aesthetically pleasing French colonial-style architecture, and a culture reference in a couple of modern-day films!

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

We may end up passing by this decades-long shop sharing the legacy of New Orleans’ voodoo history and culture through historic relics, paintings, sculptures, and more.

LaLaurie Mansion

This historic mansion serves as a setting for many ghost tours, and for good reason! We may pass by this stately house, where one of New Orleans’ most notorious socialites lived and carried out heinous treatment of enslaved people.

Pirates Alley Cafe

Located right in the heart of the French Quarter and near our New Orleans food tour meeting point, Pirates Alley Cafe serves up one of the quintessential spirits of New Orleans history, absinthe. And you might hear a fanciful tale or two that will help explain its most unusual name.

Washington Artillery Park

You might be able to spy from our food tour meeting point this raised park overlooking the great Mississippi and is a reminder of the complicated history and legacy of the American Civil War.

Decatur Street

A short distance from our meeting point, this street is constantly alive with street musicians, artists, and horse-drawn carriages. We may pass through on our tour or you’ll certainly be heading this direction if you’re heading to famous Cafe du Monde or any of the other great restaurants and bars along the street!

Napoleon House Bar & Cafe

This building has some stories to tell! Your guide may stop or regal you with tales of the Napoleon House as you taste your way through the French Quarter. All the traditional New Orleans dishes are served here, along with the famous Pimm’s Cup cocktail!

Andrew Jackson Statue

Our haunted tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter starts just steps away from this iconic statue in the middle of Jackson Square. This raised equestrian statue commemorates Jackson’s role in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans and his time serving as the seventh President of the United States.

Community Impact

This tour dives into the history of New Orleans’ diverse peoples, highlighting the contributions of often-overlooked groups including Creole, Cajun, and African American.


Our small-group tours minimize negative impacts on the local community, reducing pressure on small businesses we frequent, allowing locals more room to maneuver around our tours and reducing noise pollution without the need of microphones.


We mindfully design our tours to explore areas on foot, thus doing our part to lessen our environmental impact.


Included in your tour ticket price is a donation to CrescentCare, an organization dedicated to the New Orleans community without barriers to care, where all people have the power to be healthy and whole.


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  • Start times: 6:00pm
  • Meeting Location: 615 Pere Antoine Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116 (In front of St. Louis Cathedral)


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