Highlights of Capitol Hill Walking Tour

  • 2-3 Hours
  • Walking Tour
  • Max Guests: 12
  • Private Tour
  • Monday - Saturday

Capitol Hill Walking Tour Details

Highlights Tour

Our Capitol Hill tour takes you past the most iconic buildings and spaces that hold the highest significance in the nation’s capital. On a 2-3–hour experience, we’ll be able to cover the big hitters in American politics, starting with the US Capitol Building, home of Congress and ultimately the seat of American government and democracy.


Just across the Capitol grounds lies the Supreme Court building, housing the highest court in the land. Hear, we’ll get to know how the American justice system operates, its controversial origins, and architectural feats.


Also on our tour list of must-see Capitol Hill sites nearby: the Library of Congress, the oldest federal cultural institution in the country with an incredible story since its founding in 1800. You’ll learn how this critical part of government serves as the research arm of Congress and all about the workings of the library and its three buildings, connected by underground passageways and holding millions of books, manuscripts, and prints.


Other buildings that count among the Capitol’s large footprint but which are often overlooked include the offices used by the United States Congress. We’ll have time on this tour option to explore the stories and architecture of each before heading to Bartholdi Fountain and Park and the United States Botanic Garden.


Here, we’ll find a different sort of history, the study of the natural world and the scientific endeavors taken on by intrepid American explorers!

Half-Day Tour

While our Highlights tour gives us the chance to history hop from one building to the next, our half-day option allows for more time spent in some of the Capitol’s most revered institutions.


With a total tour duration of 4-5 hours, we’ll be able to add entry to either the Library of Congress Jefferson Building or the United States Botanic Gardens.

Extended Half-Day Tour

No less important are the less-ostentatious dwellings that lie outside the immediate environs of the National Mall.


Venture out into the neighborhood proper on our 6-7–hour tour to see the oldest existing house on Capitol Hill, the home of the third Librarian of Congress, a historic church where several early U.S. Presidents once worshiped, and a Civil War-era hospital.


We can end our tour with lunch at the historic Eastern Market, where your guide can recommend their favorite local restaurant along 7th Street.

Full-Day Tour

Our full-day tour (8-10 hours) is the complete Capitol Hill package. In addition to our Highlights and Half-Day options, we’ll be able to explore architectural interests containing D.C.’s more obscure history, including that of the city’s LGBTQ community, or an unbroken block of row houses bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Philadelphia neighborhood.


South of the National Mall, the Navy Yard district is known for its not only its historic barracks and Historic Home of the Commandants but also its famed baseball stadium, home of the Washington Nationals.


We can arrange for game day tickets for our sports fans or head down to the waterfront to take a stroll along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail and end at The Yards, a park surrounded by food and entertainment venues and where we can kick back and relax after a full day of exploring Washington, D.C.!

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U.S. Capitol Building

From the base of the building that houses the seat of American government and democracy, it’s hard not to be in awe of the significance of this city and what it stands for around the world. From here, our walking tour will head into the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where legislators, aides, and staff live, work, and play.

Eastern Market

Your tour can include a visit to Eastern Market, a historic public market in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with sweeping ceilings where many of our lawmakers (and the ever-present staffers) grab a bite or something fresh.

Marine Corps Barracks

This national landmark is the oldest post in the U.S Marine Corps and has been active since 1801.

Barracks Row

Your tour guide can take you along this commercial strip named after the nearby Marine Barracks and filled with a variety of shops and restaurants, and fill you in on its importance in defining modern day Washington D.C.

Library of Congress

Most people simply think of the Library of Congress as our de facto national library, but its primary role is the research arm of Congress. Hear more about this critical part of our government, and the beautiful building itself, as we pass by.

Supreme Court

The highest court in the land operates out of the Supreme Court building – a towering structure symbolizing American justice. Another home for important debates and discourse in our nation’s capital.

Pick-up Information

  • Start times: 9am
  • Meeting Location: Library of Congress- Jefferson building in front of the fountain
    Address: 10 1st st SE

Community Impact

Our tours support local businesses by showcasing the neighborhood’s unique shops, restaurants, and cafes which help to boost the local economy and generate employment opportunities for community members.


Our tours strengthen the local community by highlighting the importance of community engagement, civic participation, and social responsibility. Our guides will share community-led initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and cultural events that foster a sense of belonging and pride.


WeVenture tours in Capitol Hill promote sustainability by highlighting the neighborhood’s green spaces, such as parks and gardens, which serve as important resources for the community.


Visitors can learn about the contributions of different groups to the neighborhood’s history, from African American leaders to immigrant populations. The tour highlights local community organizations and advocacy groups that promote diversity and social justice.


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