Meet Michiel Stavast

Vice President of Multi-Day Experience
Destination Manager Los Angeles

Michiel Stavast

Vice President of Multi-Day Experiences | Destination Manager Los Angeles

In 2012, I moved from the Netherlands to California after working for eight years as a Managing Director of a 1,500+ capacity music theater in Amsterdam and freelance as a road manager for internationally traveling musicians. Changing my profession, I worked as an overland multi-day tour guide for the following 10 years. I believe the biggest skill of a guide is to be an all-people person that can read the room well and is a friend-they-haven’t-met-yet to assure everyone on tour is feeling valued and safe on their new adventures.

Over the course of these 10 years, I took every moment of free time to expand this skill set with additional training. For the last six years, I have been a certified Wilderness First Responder. Working at WeVenture, I share my guiding experiences with a great team of local experts and support training our multi-day tour guides to magnify their unique skill set to deliver memorable moments to our guests.